Five Things….

So I reckon this little blog should be all about documenting the good life. You know what I mean right? The things, big or small, that make the weeks a little sweeter and the harder days easier to bear. Perhaps the sort of things we might forget if we didn’t take the time to appreciate them. So I thought I’d start with five because five is a good number and five good things is something to write home about.

1.) Passing the Exam of Great Doom. Or perhaps that should be the Second Exam of Great Doom because I already sat one of these bad boys back in January. I am so pleased to be through them, not so much because I hated studying (I am a Super Geek after all) but mainly because this means the summer and winter stretch before me now full of possibility. Doubtless I’ll spend them watching Modern Family and drinking tea but right now I’m excited about what I might do with all this time.

2.) Getting today off work to go to teaching. Because who doesn’t love a legit day off work amiright?

3.)  As a result of said day off work (see 2), getting to swap my usual semi-dodgy latte from the canteen for this absolute babe. Riverhill cafe? See you for lunch.

Flat White, Riverhill Cafe


4.) Making this baby yesterday and finally getting to use my new cookbook. Baking, I have missed you. Let’s not let the pursuit of knowledge get in the way of our love again.

Apple Tart

5.) This quote. Because it just about sums it all up.

“Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things”

Happy Monday!

E x